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Individual Placement


The ultimate goal of all YES! clients is to have their own jobs in the community.  YES! seeks to locate jobs in in the community which our clients who are qualified for the job can be placed.  The difference between Individual Placement and an SE Work Group is that the client/worker has a Job Coach instead of a Crew Leader. Individual Placement is designed to gradually (over a 3 month period) build up the client/worker's independence so that they can work on their own in that position thereafter. Once a job is found and clients are hired, we offer Job Coaching services (to most qualified clients) to support them in their transition into the workforce.

The Job Developer works very closely with the client/worker in the Job Development Process to provide services such as: Employment Prep, Job Development, Job Placement Services and setting up Job Coaching once hired. Client involvement is the key to success in this process. Hard work DOES pay off! We have many successful Individual Placements in the community which can be life-changing for many of our clients!

We are constantly networking in the local community with employers to find employment opportunities that would best fit our clients. If you are an employer interested in more information, please contact our Individual Placement Job Developer: Sophia Herek (530) 301-2992 or you can email her directly at for more information.

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday  7:30 am - 4:00 pm