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    In collaboration with other services and programs in Yolo County assist individuals with disabilities become independent socially, vocationally and economically through rehabilitation, development and work services.

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    YES! ultimate goal is to help individuals develop their skills and abilities as fully as possible. YES! assists individuals to identify and articulate their desires and goals and to participate in developing realistic plans to achieve them.  YES! clients are also encouraged to utilize community resources and to participate in community activities to the fullest extent possible.

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YES! believes that all persons deserve the opportunity to develop their potential and become contributing members of their own community.  Therefore YES! provides services which will enable it's participants to gain  the necessary social, vocational, and independent living skills necessary to function in society.

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All donations are tax deductible.  We are a 501(3)c organization

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To help participants achieve their social and vocational goals, YES! offers a multi-level program which encompasses the wide range of abilities and interests represented by its client/workers.

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YES! ultimate goal is to help individuals develop their skills and abilities as fully as possible. YES! assists individuals to identify and articulate their desires and goals and  to participate in developing realistic plans to achieve them. YES! clients are also encouraged to utilize community resources and to participate in community activities to the fullest extent possible.



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Please take the time and watch our video and find out more of who we are.

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Board Meetings every third Thursday of the month from 12:00 noon-1:00 PM

Fresh News & Events

Christmas Cheer was everywhere ...


at the Annual YES! Clients Holiday Party ...


and at the Annual YES! Board and Staff Gathering.


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The Friends of The Workshop held their fundraiser at St. John's in October.

A great time was had by all!

        Many thanks to The Friends for their time and generosity!!



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YES! Celebrates 50 Years!

By Martin J. Grosso

Come this April of 2018, Yolo Employment Services (YES!) will be celebrating 50 years of training and employing people with developmental disabilities. Over the past five decades the community based, non-profit program has evolved from a small activity center to Yolo County’s largest employer and job placement service for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

Known in the beginning as The Yolo County Sheltered Workshop, and then later, The Sheltered Workshop, the program was a place where people with developmental disabilities would work on arts and crafts, but solely for learning and activity purposes. Within a few years though, the program began its mission of employment by contracting with local employers for small jobs that could be produced in-house at the program’s main location. 

In the 1980s, with the help of donated equipment from V. Santoni & Co., the program became one of California’s first Recycling and Redemption Centers for glass, aluminum, and plastic beverage containers. The blue collar-customer service setting of the Recycling Center was a milestone for both the program and the community in that it not only revealed a public engaged and tended to by people with disabilities, but working people with disabilities. Soon thereafter, sensing there was a need to convey a more descriptive name, the program rebranded itself as Woodland Rehabilitation Employment Incorporated (WREI). And though most of the program’s job opportunities were still performed in the workshop environment, a significant change in the program’s scope and mission was just around the bend.

By the mid-1990s, there was the growing recognition that people with developmental disabilities could go further in their work-life than just the program’s base of operations.  They could, and rightly should have the opportunity to work in the community.  So community rehabilitation programs throughout California began approaching employers with the idea of contracting on-site work groups, and the direct hiring of individuals with developmental disabilities.  Coinciding with this new emphasis, Woodland Rehabilitation Employment Incorporated changed its name to the less wordy and more refined, Yolo Employment Services. And along with the new affirmative acronym YES!, so too began an even more positive reception from local employers.

Since that dawn of community integration of employment, hundreds of clients who have participated in the YES! program have received job training and steady work because of employers who took pioneering steps in the name of opportunity.  Employers like Walgreens Distribution Center, Truck Accessories Group, Davis Waste Removal, the Woodland Public Library, and many others will attest to the fact that widening their own scope has been beneficial to all involved.  For the YES! clients, the outcomes from community integration have produced an array of bounties ---  from personal growth and achievement to vocational and economic independence. These outcomes include, but are not limited to: learning and retaining real job skills, acquiring and fostering social skills, reducing or suspending the reliance on SSI, and inarguably the most compelling outcome of all ---- the longer and fuller life as the result of mere work.

The YES! Crews of Source Tagging and Tote Washing (pictured above) have been working Monday through Friday at Walgreens Distribution Center for nearly two decades!


The YES! Board celebrated the 50th Anniversary of YES! at their April meeting. 



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